About Us

Vip Panties Escorts exists to make your dreams come true. With the aim of providing the top escorts in the city, we focus solely on how we can make your fantasies a reality. We offer only the top escorts in New York that have all undergone our rigorous application process to ensure that you have your choice of women who possess both stunning beauty and unique skills.

We take great pride in providing a valuable service to the people of New York. Because we know how difficult it can be to find the best and most personable women who also possess great beauty and charm, we do all the work for you. All you need to do is simply contact us and let us know which of our lovely ladies strikes your fancy.

If you have a hard time deciding, we can help you with that as well. Though we feature eight of our escorts on our page, you are not limited to only those escorts. We can set you up with the woman of your dreams, often in 30 minutes or less.

We welcome anyone who enjoys the companionship of a lovely lady. Whether you are fortunate enough to be able to call New York home or you are simply traveling here for work or pleasure, we provide you with the same courteous and responsive service. Our goal is to make your evening with our escorts the best experience in your life.

At Vip Panties Escorts, we cater to people from all walks of life. Whether you are a man or a woman, we know that our escorts will be able to provide you with all the positive elements that come with having a girlfriend without you needing to be concerned with the negatives. We want you to understand that you are in total control of your experience when it comes to our escorts.

You decide which escort will best suit your needs, you decide where she will meet you and what the two of you will be doing during your time with her. If you want to go out for drinks with a couple of our escorts, for example, that can be arranged. If your desires are more intimate in nature, perhaps you would rather go out to a romantic dinner with your escort before retiring to your hotel room for a nightcap. Either way, its all up to you as we work to serve you and make you happy.

A hallmark of our business is that we are absolutely focused on client satisfaction. If you aren’t happy with your New York escort experience, then we want to hear about it, and we will always take into consideration your suggestions, your concerns, your questions, and your comments. If you need assistance at any point, we hope you’ll reach out and ask it of us. If you aren’t certain about any aspect of the escort experience, we are here to reassure you. Our goal is to make every client a repeat client. We want to forge meaningful, lasting business relationships with anyone who uses our service. That means we have to stand out above all the competition and, frankly, that’s remarkably easy to do when you have the type of client satisfaction guarantee that is the summation of everything we do here.

It’s important to remember that we are always very aware that you have other options. There are other legal escort services in the city, and we suppose these stay in business by offering an adequate level of client satisfaction. Any escort service that can put its clients in touch with pretty girls can stay afloat for at least a little while. In order to ensure that you choose us above the competition, however, we cannot afford to be merely “good enough.” We must always offer the best service we can possibly offer. We must give you the best value that it is possible to give you. We must be the best in all things, in fact.

This is the only way for our service to stand head and shoulders above the rest. We will always do everything in our power to distinguish ourselves from those others out there. This starts with our total commitment, our ironclad guarantee, of your privacy. Our discretion is total. You can always trust us to protect you, because protecting our clients protects our business while making it possible for you to relax and enjoy yourself as much as possible. You might say that our foremost dedication is to creating the type of environment that helps you to enjoy yourself as much as you can. That environment is built before, during, and after your booking… and we hope that it will be so wonderful when you book one of our escorts that you will never be able to see yourself finding feminine companionship any other way. We will spoil you for traditional, conventional dating for the rest of your life, and you will thank us for it.

Total Discretion, Total Privacy, Complete Confidence

From the moment you first contact us, we will guard your privacy completely. We know that you cannot relax and enjoy yourself if you are worried about people finding out that you are using our service. There are any number of reasons you may not want people to know that you have hired an escort. First and foremost is the fact that it simply is none of their business. What you choose to do with your time and your money is entirely your affair, and nobody needs to know about it but you. Why should they? A gentlemen is discrete in all his dealings, be they romantic or otherwise. So too should it be with you, and we will always do whatever we can to facilitate that kind of discretion for you.

Our protection of your privacy starts when we guard your information. You can pay your bill with us knowing that we will never sell your information to a third party. You will never end up on some spam email list. We will not keep a record of your data in any way except what is necessary for our own business records and for tax purposes. We will never share the fact that you used us to book a New York escort with anyone outside of our company, and we will never disclose any detail of your business with us to any living person. But our protection of your privacy goes beyond these details and extends to the lovely ladies we employ as New York escorts as well.

We train all of our girls to respect your privacy and to take no action that would endanger the discretion with which we treat our clients. This means we screen them for their ability to maintain that discretion (some girls are just naturally better able to keep these things to themselves than others), but we also train them in what to say, what not to say, and how to tell the difference. Our girls do not discuss the details of their time with you with anyone outside the company, but they also don’t chat about your business amongst themselves. We have a zero tolerance policy for gossip and we strictly enforce this. Only in this way can we ensure absolutely your privacy, and we believe that you will be made much more comfortable during your booking when you can rely on this protection of your privacy. It is simply the only way to guarantee that you will be able to relax and have fun.

Your fun, your happiness, and your satisfaction are the only things that really matter to us. They are the reason we are in business, and they are the foundation of our company. Without being able to ensure that, we might as well not be in business at all. To keep a steady flow of satisfied clients booking our girls, we always hold ourselves to the most exacting standards. It is this commitment to excellence that helps keep us above and distinguished from competing services. There simply is no better way, and no better service through which, to book a New York escort.

The Party Lifestyle of the New York Escort

One of the things with which all our young ladies must contend is the fact that the life of a New York escort is a non-stop party lifestyle that has no equal. It sounds remarkably seductive, and it is. If you were told that you could party all night and all day, that every day that you went to work would be a different fun time, and that your life would be an endless succession of exciting new engagements with different men who were all fun and interesting, wouldn’t you, as a healthy young lady in the prime of her life, absolutely jump at the chance? Again, your JOB is to have fun and to party. This is too much for most women to resist, and we see a steady stream of applicants to become New York escorts.

The problem that some of them have is that they simply do not have what it takes to be one of our escorts. That is why we engage in a rigorous screening process to make sure that the only girls we have on staff are suitable to the job. As an escort service, we absolutely have to be able to count on our staff to do their jobs well. Screening our talent, therefore, helps ensure that this happens properly, and that every engagement with one of our girls is fulfilled properly. An assignment is not settled until the client is satisfied. We hold all our girls to this promise, and we strive for one hundred percent satisfaction in all things. This is why we are so open to client feedback. It helps us to get better and to improve the process through which we operate.

Our New York Escorts Are Screened For Stamina

Our New York escorts are screened for stamina because a girl who has been turned out by the non-stop party lifestyle of an escort can’t be as fun as she needs to be. You don’t want a girl who is just going through the motions, and an escort who has been exhausted by the partying that leads up to your date just isn’t up to snuff. She has to be as fresh and fun when she dates you as she is when she dates her other clients. She has to be able to bring her best game to all possible client assignments. This requires a girl who doesn’t just know how to party, but who has the energy and stamina to keep up the partying over the long term.

Fortunately, there are such girls out there, and our screening process helps us identify them. We choose only those girls whom we know can do a good job of pleasing their clients. We want to make sure that they can hold up, not just for you, but also for them. We really genuinely care about the lovely ladies on our staff. They are like part of our extended family. We would no more abuse them than we would allow them to abuse or take advantage of you. A young lady who is tired, or who can’t hold up to the party lifestyle of a professional entertainer, is a young lady who won’t be happy. We can’t have that. We don’t want to make our girls suffer, and more importantly, happy girls make for happy clients.

Each New York escort that you book through us, therefore, is absolutely happy to be where she is and to be doing what she is doing. She is an energetic, fun-loving young lady who live and breathes what she does. She will always be happy to go out with you and have fun with you. She never slows down. She will, in fact, amaze you with her stamina. We know, because we screen all of our girls for this quality, and this helps ensure a robust staff of happy, healthy ladies who are delighted to be living the lifestyles that go with their incredibly fun jobs. We always work hard to make that party atmosphere around here the predominant feature of working with us. That’s because everybody likes a party, and everybody wants to get in on the fun.

Our Girls Have Imagination and Problem-Solving Skills

Another feature that we insist on is girls who know how to solve a problem. The wonderful thing about using our service to book a New York escort is that you can finally let yourself go, relax, and let someone else be responsible for the success or failure of the date. If a problem arises, it is your escort’s job to fix it. If the date goes off track, she is the one who will put it right again. This takes the pressure for things happening as you wish them off of you and puts that pressure onto her. Our girls are more than happy to take that on, because in putting you first, they know that it would not be fair to expect you to control factors that, ultimately, are entirely beyond your control. Expecting a man to fix problems and conditions he can’t control, in fact, is a large part of what is wrong with the traditional dating scene.

Your New York escort is therefore skilled in taking charge and making sure the date goes according to plan. She will never make it obvious that she is doing so, however, and she will never make you feel like she is pushing you around. She is skilled and adept at handling problems in this subtle fashion.

Our New York Escorts Know How To Treat A Man

Finally, the number one reason to book one of our New York escorts is that, unlike so many of the women out there on the dating scene, our girls know how to treat a man. They can put you first. They can treat you with respect. They can give you a romantic and social experience unlike any you have previously had, forever spoiling you for traditional dating the old-fashioned way. We think you’ll thank us for opening your eyes to this new world of feminine companionship, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve and please you. Please don’t wait. Book with us today and start seeing what you have been missing.

It’s Time To Get In Touch With Who You Really Are

For many men, booking a New York escort is a chance, finally, to fulfill long-held fantasies. Now, we’re not talking about sex. We’re talking about simply living out a fantasy of being with a specific kind of woman, or even a specific number of women, the way you have thought about doing so for years. Most men spend their lives building up fantasies in their heads of what they want. They think long and hard about the ways they would like to spend time with a woman. Some of them want a specific type of outfit. Some of them are keen on a particular kind of underwear. Some like large breasts. Some prefer petite women. Some like a certain hair style. Some are hung up on a specific race or ethnic background. Whatever it is, whatever your special interests, New York escorts represent a way for you to finally fulfill that urge and address that desire. This is a sure-fire way for you to finally determine who you are as a person and what you truly desire. A lot of people never get this chance to define themselves, but when you book a New York escort, you get that opportunity.

So what is your fantasy? What would you like? What would make you happy? At Vip Panties Escorts, we stand ready to field your requests. Now, it may not be possible for us to answer all requests, but we will examine each and every one that is submitted to us. If it is within our power to fulfill and your young lady is willing, then we will do what we can to make it happen. We consider everything that comes to us, within reason, and we never judge you. This lack of judgment is important. We never want you to feel like we are judging you. There is nothing you can say that will shock or surprise us; we are professionals and we have heard it all. There is nothing you can ask for that we will not treat with respect, even if we must say know. We care deeply about your satisfaction, and we know that your best escort experience is one that allows you to freely express yourself. We have a great deal of respect for you and we simply want to see to it that you get everything you desire. We are the best escort agency in the New York area for that reason. Our devotion to your satisfaction as our client is total.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us arrange for your beautiful New York escort. We are always here for you and we care deeply about your needs. The time of your life starts when you book with the Vip Panties Escorts. Your professional entertainer cannot wait to meet you. Don’t keep her waiting! Get in step with New York escorts today. Contact us right away!