Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How does the process of using your services work?

A- It’s easy to get started using our services. We invite you to browse our website and look through our selection of lovely New York escorts that are waiting eagerly for you to contact them to go on a date. Once you see one or more of these women that strike your fancy, simply contact us. You can contact us so by using our convenient contact form that is located right on our website or by calling us. In either case, we aim to answer your call or email within just minutes because we know that you do not want to wait for your ultimate date night experience.
Remember, too, that if you don’t see exactly what you want on our pages, this is okay. You can reach out to us and explain exactly what you are looking for. We, in turn, will look to our extended network of escorts and see if anyone who is not already listed on our site might be available. We promise that we will provide you with an escort who is to your liking and who will make you happy. If you aren’t happy with your dating experience, then neither are we. We will work with you to make it absolutely wonderful.

Q- Your ladies are beautiful, but I don’t see one that fits my fantasy. Can you help?

A- We realize that there are lots of gorgeous ladies in New York. The women that are featured on our website are only a small sampling of those that you can chose from. That being said, if you are looking for a particular type of girl or you envision a unique type of experience, we want to know! Contact us and tell us what you have in mind. We are confident that we can provide a girl that will meet and even exceed your wildest dreams.
That is the beauty of our extended network of New York area escorts. There are any number of reasons why a girl might not be available on our pages. Some of them simply haven’t had time to sit for an interview and photoshoot with us. Others of them are moonlighting as escorts and don’t want their professional lives mingling publicly with their personal lives. We understand all these factors and will do our best to connect you with a young lady who best meets your needs and fulfills your preferences. This is, after all, what we do for you.

Q- How long does the typical date with one of your women usually last?

A- This is really a question that only you and your date can answer. Many men only have a short time to themselves and want to enjoy the company of a lovely lady during it. Other men plan to have a longer time and want to spend an entire weekend with one of our gorgeous dates. Still others might find themselves with a time frame in between the two. The choice is really yours. Of course, it also depends on the schedule of our dates as well but they tend to be very flexible when it comes to keeping men happy and engaged.
The typical date is a few hours long, and that is normally enough time to accommodate the things a man and woman might normally do, such as going out for dinner, dancing, and drinks. If you know you have a work function, a social gathering, or some other specific event for which you would like beautiful feminine companionship, that’s okay. You can describe to us what you need and we will see to it that you have coverage for the duration required. We coordinate multiple schedules to accommodate this, and we are very skilled at it. You can rest easy.

Q- This is my very first time doing something like this and I’m really nervous.

A- Don’t worry! We specialize in making men feel at ease in a situation that sometimes makes many of them nervous at first. All of our girls are very friendly and personable. You can tell they want to be there with you and that they enjoy spending time with you. Our customer service team is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have. They can even give you some pointers on how to relax and enjoy yourself. Our dates are also great at getting men to fully relax, sometimes even before they know how it happened!
You see, our lovely young ladies know that you cannot truly enjoy your date unless you are relaxed. They also know that a man who is relaxed is more likely to have fun and want to repeat the experience. Our goal is always to make a repeat client out of everyone who books one of our New York escorts. If you aren’t left with the overwhelming desire to come back and do it all over again, then we haven’t quite fulfilled our promise to you, and we will always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today!

Q- I’m having a really great time and don’t want it to end. How can I extend my time with my date?

A- We leave this completely up to the individual lady so your best bet is to talk to her. Because our girls are so flexible and want very much to make you happy though, unless there is a schedule conflict most of the time they will be very accommodating to the idea of increasing the time they spend with you.
Please do try to let us know as far ahead of time as you can if you think you would like more time with your New York escort. We understand if you don’t know until the last minute, and in most cases this is still not a problem. When we coordinate the schedules of multiple escorts, however, any advance warning is helpful so that we can ensure the best possible client experience for you. Things happen and we are entirely understanding about this. We just want to work with you to keep you happy, in all things. That’s our mission.

Q- How old do I need to be to try your services?

A- We require a minimum client age of 18 years old. We also require that the person whose credit card is being used to pay the hold fee is the same person who hires our escorts. There are no exceptions to this rule.
As we’re sure you can understand, the types of lovely ladies we have on staff are the stuff of every man’s fantasy. It wouldn’t do to have a young man who is not of age “borrow” his father’s credit card and attempt to make a booking with one of our lovely ladies. While we’re sure she would be the hit of your junior prom, it would sure cause a lot of complications when Mom saw the credit card bill, wouldn’t it? We take every precaution to ensure that awkward moments like that never happen. It’s part of our satisfaction guarantee.

Q- Can I pick any woman on your website?

A- Of course, if she is available, she is all yours! If you do not see exactly the type of woman you are looking for or you have a special request, contact us! We specialize in finding the perfect lady for your special night and fulfilling special requests. Remember the golden rule: treat our women as you would like to be treated.
There really is no more etiquette to remember beyond that. It is all pretty much common sense. Our ladies are professional entertainers who are skilled at fulfilling your needs and making you happy, but they are also real people, and they want to be treated kindly and with respect. They will, in turn, treat you with the kind of respect you deserve. That is our commitment to quality and we train and screen our girls accordingly to make sure this happens for every client, every time. Consistency is our hallmark and our watchword. This, too, is part of our guarantee.

Q- What do you do with my personal info?

A- Because we understand how greatly you value your privacy, we follow the strictest rules in confidentiality. All your info is kept secure and in complete confidence. We take great measures to ensure your privacy and will never rent, share or sell your information. Also our website is secure and encrypted for your privacy
When you book a New York escort, you in fact enjoy our ironclad guarantee of confidentiality. We do not sell your financial information to any third-party spamming lists or similar entities. We don’t store any financial information about your transaction with us except for what is need for tax purposes and business records. We don’t tell anyone that you used our service, ever, and we respect your privacy and your confidentiality from the first moments that you contact us in order to inquire about booking one of our lovely ladies. We will always stand by this ironclad guarantee of privacy.

Q- Are your women available any time?

A- Yes we are usually available 24/7! We are just a quick phone call or email away. We strive to offer you a lightening quick turnaround when you contact us. Just remember to call ahead so we can make sure the girl of your dreams becomes a reality.
The more time you give us to arrange for your date, the better we can accommodate your preferences and special requests. This does not mean you have to give us advance notice, as we know that this is not always possible, and we would never stand in the way of the kind of spontaneity that makes for the most fun you can have when you’re out with our lovely ladies. Just do give us whatever notice you can, and let us arrange for you one of our wonderful girls around the clock, on your schedule and when you require her.

Q- Can my date come to my location?

A- Of course, just say where and she will be there. We are in the business of providing you with the most beautiful, sexy and charming New York escorts. As part of our service, we cater to your needs. Wherever you want to meet your chosen lady, just let us know! Your date can come to your home, hotel room, bar, club, restaurant or anywhere else you want her to meet you. The choice is yours!
Keep in mind that the limitations on your date, the venue, the location where it starts, and ultimately what you end up doing with your New York escort is up to the two of you. It’s a mutual decision where the two of you meet to start your date. It’s also a mutual decision what the two of you go on to do with your time together. We know that between the two of you, you will have a great deal of fun and excitement. We want your adventure together to build memories you will keep for years to come.

Q- How old do I need to be to try your services?

A- We require a minimum client age of 18 years old. We also require that a hold fee be secured using a valid credit card that is in the name of the person who will be using our services. The hold fee is not refundable under any circumstances. In addition, a government issued ID belonging to the person that will be meeting with our escorts is to be presented to us. We do not offer any exceptions to this rule at anytime or for any reason.

Q- Can I pick any woman on your website?

A- Of course, if she is available, she is all yours! In order to avoid disappointment though we suggest that you call us as soon as you think about using our services. In many cases, our escorts keep very flexible schedules in order to better accommodate our clients. However, it is important to mention that our Ladies of New York tend to be very popular due to their ravishing beauty and superb personalities so their schedules could quickly fill up. Also, please remember the golden rule, treat our women as you would like to be treated.

Q- What do you do with my personal info?

A- All your info is kept in complete confidentiality and security. At Ladies of New York, we know how important your privacy is to you so we always take great measures to ensure that it is protected. In order to meet your needs, we offer two convenient ways to contact us – via telephone or by using our short contact form. This way, you can choose the method that best fits your circumstances while also offering you the most privacy. Rest assured that you will receive the same top-notch customer service and lightening fast response times regardless of the method that you use to contact us.

Q- Are your women available any time?

A- Yes we are usually available 24/7! Just remember to call ahead so we can make sure the girl of your dreams becomes a reality. Because we have only the cream of the crop here at Ladies of New York, our escorts’ schedules can fill up quickly. That being said, if your first choice for an escort is not available, we have many others that we can offer you as well. Our website features only a small portion of those women who are available to offer you companionship and fun.

Q- Can my date come to my location?

A- Of course, just say where and she will be there. We at Ladies of New York is committed to providing you with the very best in escort services. You are in total control of your experience when it comes to our escorts. In addition to great beauty, all of our women possess a healthy sense of adventure that makes them eager to spend time with you wherever you decide to do so.

Q- Do I need to live in the local area to use your service?

A- No, it isn’t necessary for you to live locally in order to use the for your feminine companionship needs. People travel to New York from all over the country and around the world. This is a fabulous, dynamic city, known for its tourism, the many sites to see, and the fact that it is a hub for entertainment and commerce. Business travelers, tourists, and pleasure seekers are always coming to New York. Some of them, while they are staying in the local area, find themselves in need of feminine companionship. We would be happy to have you call on us when you want to book one of our lovely ladies. Are you going to be in the area? If you know when you will be here on business or pleasure, just let us know ahead of time and we can have your booking already arranged when you get here. What better way to enjoy your memories of New York than to see the city with a lovely lady on your arm? Our escorts know the city well and would be happy to show you around the sights of the local area, including all the best clubs and night spots and restaurants.

Don’t just travel to New York when you can see New York with a sexy lady as your guide. And of course it’s always better to see a new city when you have someone to share it with you. Booking a New York escort is one way to do that, and to have your satisfaction guaranteed through the process. Whether you are in the city on business or pleasure, just let us know either beforehand or when you get here, and we will do everything in our power to make your stay that much more enjoyable. We aim to please, and we’re always happy to introduce you to one of our New York escorts. Also, if you do in fact live in the local area, that’s okay too. We would welcome the chance to make you one of our local repeat clients. Our goal is to make every client a repeat client, of course, so whenever you are in New York, on an ongoing basis or just for a visit, we hope you will think of us, and book your thrilling, attractive, stimulating New York escort through the We’re waiting to hear from you, and eager to please you.

Q- Are there any special etiquette considerations I need to know about?

A- No, there are no special etiquette concerns except for common sense. Treat your New York escort with respect, as you would want to be treated. That’s all we ask of you, and we think you’ll find that produces the best results.

Q- What if I don’t see what I’m looking for, or I have a special request?

A- Contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.