Hi, I am Andrea and it is nice to have you here on my page. This is a great opportunity for affluent gentlemen with good taste to spend time with a sensuous woman who likes to seek pleasure. I am a passionate and natural brunette with a sexy, curvy figure and a pleasant and soft attitude. As a sensible and elegant woman, I can be great friend for a night out in the city or a nice evening alone.


Age 32
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Italian
Orientation Straight

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Regardless of what we end up doing together, you can be sure that you will have my undivided attention. I will do my best to make your time with me one of the most pleasurable you will ever experience. I consider myself to be a man’s woman. This means that I am eager to fulfill your dreams and desires. The focus of my attention will be always on you and your needs.

I feel like the eyes truly are windows to the soul. My eyes are large and full of expression. They can tell you immediately that I am a very passionate and sophisticated woman. My sense of adventure comes from growing up in Italy where life was much different than it is here in the United States. There are not as many rules in Europe so I do not have many of the inhibitions that seem to plague women here.

We can enjoy each other’s company doing whatever you choose. I like all the wonderful things to do and places to see in New York. As my adopted home because I am originally from Italy, I thoroughly love and embrace all that makes New York unique and special. Give me a call and let’s pamper each other tonight!

I am proud of my Italian heritage and it is responsible for my exotic and smoldering good looks. Since I was raised in my mother country, I still have a distinctive accent which many men find sexy. I came to New York to attend college and discovered a wonderful area full of exciting things to see and do and fantastic people to do them with. I come from a very creative and active family so I love to dance. I can take you to all the trendiest night clubs and dance clubs in the city so that we can enjoy each other’s company in a fun and exciting setting.

One of the things that I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to meet new people. I think at the end of our lives we will all be judged by the quality of our relationships and the number of new people we found to introduce into our lives. People come into and out of your life all the time, and you never really know where a relationship is going to stop and end until well after the fact. I think it is this unpredictability that makes everything about being alive so much fun. I also enjoy turning men on, and being an exotic beauty with an accent definitely does that. Men are most fun when they are turned on. I like to think it is their natural state. I suppose at the very least it is their natural state when they are around me, because I have a body that will not quit and I love to tease and to have fun.

I think in order to have the most fun you have to be very spontaneous. I think it is very important to grab every chance to have fun that comes along. If you say no to an opportunity, you never know when you will get it back. If you wait around until you are ready to have fun, you will pass up so much in life. Think of those poor girls who stay home and study in college, who miss out on the chance to party and have fun and do the things that we all remember from our younger lives. Who looks back on their youth and thinks, “I remember that time I studied and went to bed early?” It’s the fun and the good times we remember, and I think we should all work harder to make our lives like that. Only when we embrace every spontaneous opportunity for fun and excitement can we truly live our lives to their full potential. And what other purpose do we have?

The most fun there is, I think, is to explore this city and all its delights. I would be happy to be your tour guide for that. Let me show you everything I have discovered. Before we are done, you will never want to leave, and you will always want to spend your time here with me. I hope that it can be that way.