Hi! I’m Isabell, a young and sexy blonde who is mischievous and adventurous, sexy and smart, passionate and wild with a free spirited nature. I believe in having a good time together which is immensely pleasurable and mutually satisfying. We will have an exquisite and unrushed time together and I understand the stressful existence we all go through and I will take all that away from you. All I need is one meeting with you and you will realize how good of a companion I can be. Let’s have an evening out together and we will make it blissful and memorable.


Age 29
Height 5’7″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Bulgarian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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I am a very passionate and sensual woman. Many men think that my looks are exotic. Perhaps it is my Bulgarian roots that give me my unique and sensuous look. My legs are particularly long and seem to take up much of my five foot seven inch frame.

I have a confession to make: I crave the touch and attention of males. From the way a man looks and moves to the way he smells and talks to me, I am simply jelly in the hands of a confident and strong man. I also love to please the man in my life. I work hard to make sure that he is happy every day that I see him.

Because I am also bi-sexual though I thoroughly enjoy the company and touch of a woman. This makes me the perfect choice if you want to enjoy the rollicking company of two classy and sexy ladies on your next date. Some of my favorite women in the whole wide world are located right here in New York with me and they are often available to out on dates with us. If you want me to ask one if she would like to join us, just let me know. I would love to set it up for you if it will make you happy!

I love to dress up so that all my best features are accentuated. To me, these include my perky butt, my rounded breasts, my long legs and big brown eyes. I have a secret love of different kinds of pantyhose. I try to pick those that make my legs look especially sexy, such as fishnets leopard print and thigh highs. Perhaps I will find a new pair of pantyhose and wear them when we go out on our date soon.

With my waist-length brunette hair and long, almost endless legs, along with my Bulgarian roots, I have the looks and presence that set me firmly apart from other ladies in the area. Though I relocated here with my parents as a teen, I still have a sexy European accent that drives many men wild. We moved here so that I could train with an exclusive ballet company within the city. At one time, I was a contender for a touring company that would take me around the world. Although an injury ended that dream, I still enjoy dancing as a way to stay in shape and keep my lithe and sexy body in tip-top shape.

One of the things I enjoy most about being bisexual is the contrast between a man and a woman. I enjoy both equally, but for different reasons, and I am very seriously bisexual, not one of those girls who just pretends to be bisexual in order to get attention. I have said already that I love attention, and this is true, but I don’t see any reason to be fake to get it. In fact, I think if you’re a genuine girl who has real qualities men are interested in, you don’t ever have to be fake in order to get people to notice you. You can rely on your natural qualities to draw people close to you and then the connection you establish will be that much better. I think this is true no matter who you happen to be. But mostly I like knowing that whether it is a sexy man or an equally sexy woman who is with me, I can enjoy both just as much.

Men are incredibly nice and I always enjoy spending time with them. They are so hard and masculine. You can let a man hold you close, let him get up near you, smell his masculine scent, and feel safe in his arms. His power is almost total, like that, and he can make you feel like he controls you while at the same time you are utterly free. I think this is the power of a very nice relationship with someone, and it is something I have always thought about. I think men are wonderful in their own way, but the sensuality of a sexy woman is something I also enjoy. When my naked body is pressed up against another woman’s naked body, and she is both familiar and unfamiliar at once, that is one of the most erotic feelings that I think a woman can have.

This is why it is so important never to deny yourself anything, I feel. You should always go for what you like, and never hold back. Never give up on what pleases you. Embrace everything and you will lead a more fulfilling life. This, to me, is the secret to always being happy, and I value being happy above everything else. I wish more people felt this way and I try to share it whenever I can. It’s just how I live my life.