Hi there! It’s me Jamie the exotic and beautiful model. I have a tanned complexion and an extremely pretty face with a gorgeous and appealing personality. When we have our time together I will make you relaxed and comfortable and you will be happy that you have chosen the perfect girl. I can provide a fun filled and exciting evening. My intention is to create those awesome moments for you and when I am with my man all that matters is his pleasure, indulgence, and mutual satisfaction.


Age 27
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Because I am a model, I love to do so for my man. I think it helps to refine my modeling technique as well as show off my blonde good looks. Whether this means wearing a favorite piece of lingerie from my overflowing collection or there is something that you bring that you want to see me wear, I am very willing and excited to get started. I am also very much into role-playing and love to put on my naughty French maid costume, my nurse’s uniform or any of the other costumes I keep at the ready for those daring men who are into that sort of fun.

To keep my five foot five inch body in the very best shape it can be, I make it a practice to do some yoga each day. In fact, I am very proud of how flexible I am due to my years of daily yoga sessions. I love to impress my man with the different ways I can push my body into so that we both have a fantastic time. If you want to see my different moves, just ask! I am very willing to share!

Being playful and seeing the possibilities for fun in any situation makes me fabulously happy. I love to make my man smile and will try different techniques and tricks to get him to relax. Although the saying has always been ‘ladies first’ my mantra has always focused making sure that my man has a wonderful time first before thinking about my own needs.

I attended boarding or private schools almost my entire childhood, clueing me in to some of the finer things in life. In addition to making some great lifelong friends, my schooling experiences allowed me to fully explore my budding sexuality. During that time, I realized that I am bisexual, a facet of my personality that seems to appeal to many men. I take great pride in my appearance and seek to always dress so that I look my best. My sophisticated manner and charming good looks makes me one of the most popular escorts that Vip Panties Escorts has to offer its clients.

A lot of people don’t understand just how very much fun and hard work it is to be a model. I say fund and hard work at the same time because that mirrors the experience I have had. It is fun, because you get to go to many different and exotic locations, and be pretty, and wear pretty clothes. It is also fun because the focus is always on you. People are all focused on you, and worrying about making you look good, and of course above everything is the requirement that you look sexy for the photos. I can’t think of anything better than to have a small army of people gathered around you, all of whom want to make you look good and sexy because that is their mission. Can you? But just because being a model is a lot of fun, and just because I like attention, doesn’t mean that it is also not a lot of work. I think anything worth doing is worth doing well, and you have to have real commitment and a good work ethic to be a good model.

The hard part about being a model is that the temperature is never right for what they want you to wear. Photos are taken for clothes before the season that those clothes will be sold in. This means that you have to get the photos for summer clothes during the colder months of the winter, and you have to take the photos for the colder weather when the weather is warm. And when you are taking those photos, you can’t afford to show that you have any discomfort. You have to stand there freezing in a bikini in forty and fifty degree weather in the cold winter sun on a beach, and hope the pain of the cold does not show in your face. Or you have to sweat to death when you’re waiting for them to take photos of you in winter clothes when the weather is far too warm, and hope you don’t sweat through everything.

The other challenge of modeling is dealing with the people. A lot of the people are nice, but a lot of the girls have drug problems or eating disorders. It’s kind of an emotional minefield, dealing with everybody. But it’s worth doing, and it’s worth working hard to do it right. I think so, anyway.