We can say it over and over again and it will never be said enough, this girl is perfect. Jenna is a good girl that can be very bad. The fact is, though, that Jenna knows exactly what she is doing and she knows exactly what she wants. She is the headmistress of a very secret club that knows the secret heart of men. She knows what you want before it pops into your head. She can be so shy and so good and then out of nowhere you are a changed man. It is that quick the way she changes you and it is that amazing.

Nothing makes her more content than to make a man look good. There is not an ounce of stress left in your body after spending some time with this little vixen. You can take her out on the town or hit the secret clubs and it is the same to her. She has certain things she wants and she will not be denied.

Jenna wants you to call. There is nothing that can happen without your fingers on that computer mouse or dialing the phone. That is just the beginning and then the real magic happens. This not something that you can put off a minute longer. The quicker that you call, the quicker you can be sitting back relaxing and letting Jenna explain the secrets of life to you. Start right now and you can be making that second call even sooner too.



Age 28
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Romanian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“Perfection is not just a concept,” Jenna explains, “and not just something that I can pay lip service too. I adore the idea of being seen as perfect. Nobody truly is, but that will never stop me from trying. I love my body, and I love showing off my body. I take good care of myself so that I can impress men, and get their attention. An escort who can’t command the attention of men isn’t of much use, is she? And I love getting attention. I love being the center of attention. I want all eyes on me when I walk in the room. I want to feel absolutely naked, like I’m a princess from a fairy tale novel who is walking down the street in no clothes. These are the dreams of love, adoration, and attention that I have. They are why I became an escort in the first place. That’s just the kind of fun-loving, flirty girl that I am. And oh boy, do I love to flirt.”

Jenna explains that there is an art to flirting with a man. “Any girl can flirt with her body,” she says. “Push yourself up against some man and you’re using your considerable natural talents to do it. But when you can flirt with a man with your words, that’s even better. Dirty talk is an art form all unto itself, and I love to be able to do that with a man. If you can get a man revved up without ever touching him, that’s when you know you have real flirting skills. The highest level of flirting, though, is being able to use your eyes. Can you turn a man on from across the room, just by making eye contact with him? Can you give him such a smoky look that he gets turned on when your gaze meets him? I think that’s not just a skill, but a super-power. It’s one that I’ve worked a long time to cultivate. It helps to look as sexy as I do. But it’s more about attitude and confidence.”

Jenna goes on, “A girl who can shake her rear end and who has confidence can write her own ticket. A girl like that has attitude that she has earned. People say ‘attitude’ like it’s a bad word. It isn’t. We should all have confidence and attitude. We should all have swagger.”