I am Kate, and I have a strong desire to bring enjoyment and delightful connections with every encounter that I have. It has been a gift for me that I have been blessed with a free spirit and an encouraging environment, which has enabled me to discover and convey my feelings in an open minded manner. It would give me immense pleasure to join you in a trip to new sensual engagements!! My goal is to provide a sensuous, safe and free space for us to enjoy together that cannot be met in “real” life.


Age 29
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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My brunette hair and olive skin are made for wearing bright colors. Red is my favorite and I think it really shows off my assets. An ideal date for me would have to consist of wearing my favorite red dress and heading out to the newest dance club in town. I have been dancing for all my life and find that I really love to move to the music.

From a young age, I wanted to be a ballerina. All those years of dancing gave me a sleek and svelte dancer’s body. My life took a different direction though when I moved to New York to go to college. I still take dance classes on a regular basis because I simply love how it makes me feel. The men that I meet really appreciate how it makes my body look and feel as well!

With my firm and rounded butt, creamy breasts and slender legs, I am ready for anything that you might bring to the date. Want to go on a weekend away with a beautiful companion while hiking and enjoying nature? I’m your girl!

On the other hand, I am equally at home in the big city, relaxing and spending time with a man who appreciates my charm and beauty. Whether you want to join me as I show you my latest dance moves or you would rather relax in your hotel room, I am up for whatever you decide. Call me today and let’s set up a date!

If you like petite women with hot bodies and pleasing personalities, you will find a lot to love about me! Although I am only five feet three inches tall, I pack a powerful and sexy body within my tiny frame. With firm and rounded breasts, creamy thighs and a perky butt, my body has been known to make men very happy and eager to be with me. I always put the happiness of the man in my life before my own. As a bisexual escort, you will find me eager to have the woman of your choice join us for the activities you choose. After all, what man wouldn’t love to have two stunningly beautiful women on his arm?

I am very used to getting attention from men. This has been a reality of my life since my body first developed. I love it when men pay attention to me, and the thing I love most in the world is when my sexy body drives them crazy. To see a man look at me and see that hungry look, knowing that he desires me and is picturing what we would do together, makes me very happy. It makes me feel like I have power, and the fact is, a beautiful woman always has power. We are the thing all men want most in the world. Yes, men like wealth and power, but what is it they do with that wealth and power? They use it, always, to get beautiful women. A pretty girl is the thing that every man wants, and I think if are aware of that and you acknowledge it, you are setting yourself up for a pretty wonderful time.

I like exploring the city and finding all kinds of great new places to hang out in. Night life is wonderful and I have always enjoyed partying. Exploring new places to enjoy the nightlife is one of the things I’m very good at, and it helps me to make my clients happy by showing them these new, exciting places. I can take you to places that tourists like, or I can take you to places that are a little more off the beaten path. Either way, I can guarantee that you and I are going to have fun together, and before we are done, you will feel like you know the city like I do, like a native, and you will see it through my fun-loving eyes. I love fun most of all, and I just really enjoy finding ways to enjoy myself that are outside of the normal. I don’t like repetition.

The thing I hate most in the world is being bored. I like to be spontaneous, and when I wake up in the morning, I want to know that I have a lot of excitement ahead of me. I don’t ever want to fall in a rut or have things cut and dried, just set in stone for me. That’s no way to live. If I can’t be spontaneous I don’t know what I would do with my time. I enjoy my life.