Hi, I am Kim a beautiful and friendly companion and I possess great massage techniques to provide you bliss and relaxation. I am a modest girl that views life’s purpose of taking care of her man. I enjoy the company of a confident man, who enjoys genuine companionship and connections. You can consider me to be your perfect companion without any obligations. My smile and appearance bring a vibrant atmosphere and a seductive comfort to my man. Let us have a special time together. Call me, I’m waiting for you.


Age 33
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight

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I love to practice my massage techniques on my man. Whether he has had a stressful day at the office and is looking to unwind a bit or he simply enjoys the talented fingers of a skilled massage therapist, I welcome the chance to share the healing and relaxing aspects of touch.

During a massage is not the only time I love to touch a man though. I consider myself a touchy-feely kind of person and love to lavish attention on my man. From a broad chest and bulging biceps to his rippling back muscles and sculpted calves, I truly appreciate the male body and am not shy about letting my man know about my admiration of his manly assets.

My friendly open disposition and megawatt smile make me stand out from many other women in New York. I am definitely a glass half full type of girl since I always look on the bright side of things. Cheerful and charming, I flirt shamelessly all the time. If you are looking for a companion who enjoys always putting her man first and making sure that he has a wonderful time, you should give me a call as soon as possible!

I am very proud of my ripe and firm body and love to show it off to that special man as I make him feel pleasure in ways that he never dreamed of before. Because of my curvy body, I love to wear lingerie. Although I have my own favorite pieces, I am more than willing to let you direct me on what I should wear, if anything. I have been told that my fingers seem to be magical because of the way they can make a man feel. With my experience in all the latest massage techniques, I can easily make you relax and take away all the stresses of the your day.

Massage is one of those things that lots of people think they can do, but they don’t all do it equally well. I think part of that is because some people just kind of play at giving a massage. They don’t realize just how much power and technique you have to put it into it to do it right. You need to get in there, work the muscles, and put real power behind it. That’s the only way to really relax someone. You are easing away the tension of their muscles, and that is a truly profound thing. If you think about it, the power to take away someone’s pain is really one of the only realistic and legitimate super-powers that exists in the world. You take someone who has muscle pain and tension, and you make that pain and tension disappear. You give them something that nobody else can, and that is the easing of their pain. How wonderful is that? If we all had the power to take away someone’s pain, the world could be a truly beautiful place, because that is the only real way to end suffering.

The other thing I like about massage is that it gives me a chance to connect intimately with a man. When you massage someone, you are getting to know their body. You are exploring them in a way that you cannot do just by having a conversation with them. Even if you are asking them questions, even interrogating them, they can never be as honest with you as their body can. A person can lie, and a person can hold back the truth, but that person can never lie to you with their body. The pain and tension in somebody’s muscles is very obvious. It’s a fact that is self-evident. It can’t be false and it can’t be faked. Just like when someone is very relaxed, that, too, cannot be fake. It’s just part of who someone is.

I think the fact that I am very friendly is why I am so popular and successful at my job. I love being friendly. Being friendly, too, is something you absolutely cannot fake. It has to be genuine or people can see right through it. When I get to know someone, I truly love being able to be friendly with them in a way that is new and different. That’s me.