Lisa is the night girl. In fact, she may have never been seen during the day. If there is such a thing as vampires, then Lisa is the one. She is quiet as a mouse most of the time and she will just sneak right up on you. She is mysterious and quiet and there is no telling what is in her mind at any given moment. She will be there one minute and be somewhere else in the next. She moves through the shadows and then she is gone.

She does not have much to say, but when Lisa opens her mouth, she speaks volumes in a few short words. You have that feeling like she is always there, always watching you. She is the perfect date for a business or office meeting and someone on vacation will have everyone talking when they see Lisa on your arm.

There is no stopping this girl once she gets started. There is no way that you can go through life without having spent a night with Lisa, there is simply no way. She is someone that should be in every man’s bucket list and life will never be the same after she is through with you. That is how it is too, there is that moment when she is there and then there is every moment after that. Lisa is a life changing event and it is time you picked up the phone and changed your life today.




Age 22
Height 5’7″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“Men don’t like a noisy girl,” Lisa says. “They like a girl who knows when to keep her mouth shut. It’s very important that you know when to be quiet, when to speak, and when to butt out when you’re an escort, because there are so many social situations you might find yourself in. They really do run the gamut. I’ve had men book me for everything from nights on the town to family reunions to business conventions. I even went with some guy as his date to a funeral once. I’m not sure why he needed a date for a funeral, but I got the impression he was pretty happy, having somebody like me on his arm all night. Well, that’s what I can do for you. I can make you look good no matter where we go and no matter what we do.”

Lisa admits that she also likes it when a client just wants to spend some quiet time with her. “A guy who wants to get to know you,” she says, “is a guy I like to get to know right back. When my client wants to have a drink in his hotel room, just kind of relax and talk to me, I like that about him. I like it when he takes an interest in me. I know that men love being able to chat with a beautiful girl like me. It’s our nature, and it’s the hold we have over men. They’ve done studies that show men have a hard time concentrating and thinking when a beautiful woman is around. I could have told you that before they wasted any time doing a study. Although I bet the experiments were fun to conduct.”

Lisa explains that she likes nothing more than when a man peers deep into her soul. “When a man opens up to me,” she says, “I open up to him, too. When that happens, I think this job is at its most fulfilling. Making that connection with someone I didn’t know before is a truly wonderful gift, and a privilege of my profession. In fact, the more a man gets to know me, the more he wants to know me, the more I’m likely to respond to his curiosity, no matter who he is and no matter what I learn about him. His curiosity will always be rewarded, I always think.”