Hello beautiful people my name is, Sasha. I am so thrilled that you have found me. I will be the most awesome companion that you can ever have. I am very comfortable in any situation and can dress up for the occasion. I am a person with a free mind and a great sense of naughty humor. I am efficient at what I am capable of and enjoy every minute of it. What you will get in me is a packaged beauty of mind and body. If you are looking for that awesome girlfriend experience, here I am. Call me before someone else does!


Age 25
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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I firmly believe that great things come in small packages. I am only five feet four inches tall but I am a powerhouse when it comes to my ‘girlfriend’ skills. What makes me fabulous at what I do though is that you get all the advantages of having a girlfriend without all the baggage that so often comes with having a real one.

I put your needs first and fully enjoy the experience of giving you an immense amount of pleasure. I promise you will not be disappointed when you chose me as your next date. If you are new to town or here on a business trip, I can suggest ways for us to have fun in New York. Or you can simply tell me what you want to do and I will very willingly go along with what you have planned. In fact, I love surprises!

I am also very adventurous. I grew up in New York so I have had many experiences that make me comfortable no matter what you might have in mind. Level headed and very friendly, I am always excited to meet new men or spend more time with my previous dates. I cannot wait to see you!

I specialize in offering you a customized girlfriend experience to meet your needs and desires. I can just as easily play the shy girl next door as I can the vixen who wants to take charge. Whatever your fantasy might entail, I am the escort to make it a reality. As a bisexual, I am also very open to having another woman join us to fulfill your greatest fantasy in the way that you envision.

Putting a man’s needs first is a very special skill. I think most men go through life never really experiencing the kind of respect that they deserve. I think that’s horrible, really. The average man, he spends his whole life sacrificing for somebody else. He puts his family first. He puts his job first in order to put his family first. He puts his own needs always after the needs of everybody else around him. Society is no help, either, because we expect a man to just kind of take this constant abuse. If he doesn’t do it, we accuse him of not being a man. If he complains, we tell him to stop whining and to man up. A woman is always supported in her feelings, and made to feel like if she is a victim of anything bad, it is somebody else’s fault. But we tell men that they are the masters of their fates and the captains of their souls, and if they can’t handle it, well, they’re just weak and they need to be better. All of this is part of the dating world, too, although people don’t see it that way.

When it comes to dating, we expect men to bear the responsibility for everything. If the date doesn’t go perfectly, that’s their fault and it’s their job to fix it. If the date is going to cost anything, it’s the man’s responsibility. He has to plan it out and be the director of activities, and if anything is out of his control, it’s still his fault. If the food in the restaurant that he has to pick isn’t to his date’s liking, it’s his failure. If he can’t correct anything else that comes up, the date is ruined and it’s his fault. And even if he has car trouble, somehow, that’s his fault too, and it’s his responsibility to fix that. He just can’t win. He has to do everything and, honestly, that’s no way for any man to live. That’s why most men don’t know what it’s like to have their needs put first.

When I go out with a man. I will put his needs first for the first time in his life. He will enjoy himself so much he will never want to go back to how things were. That is the power that all escorts have. That is my power.