Stacy has an exotic and temptress way about her. You have to see this girl in action, that is if you pick up the phone and ask. She shows up in the wind and blows your mind. She is from some far away land and may not be around forever. Just when you thought it could not get any better you see her coming around the corner. You can just imagine the fun you guys will have together and the best thing is that you might not have to use your imagination.

If you are hitting the town or hitting the red carpet, that is fine to because Stacy is happy either way. Want Stacy to present herself to you and make the night perfect? All you have to do is call or click and the presentation will be on the way. It is really that easy and it is really that quick. Try it out and you will not be disappointed. There is an unspoken promise in the air. Stacy has a way about her that will cause you to lose your breath. She can come in and change the night or the afternoon or whatever. She is that easy to get along with.

Stacy’s voice is like silk and hearing it in your ear is almost enough to make you forget the world around you. It is easy and it is simple. You know that you want to call. If you know you want to try, then why not? Do not let another moment go by without Stacy by your side. You can feel the tension now and it is only going to get stronger when she shows up. She looks good doing anything about you should take her on the water, because she loves to sail. You will love her as much as when you call or click.




Age 21
Height 5’4″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight

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One of the things that Stacy loves most about her job as an escort is the variety. “I love it that when I get up at the beginning of the day, the course of my day is determined by my assignments. I may not have anything until the evening, in which case I’m totally free to just enjoy myself however I want. Not a lot of working people can say that. And I may be going to some social function, or even dressing formally for a work event. When I do that, my job is to look devastatingly sexy and to impress the people who see me so that I can make my client look good. To me, those are the really fun jobs, because I’m shaking what I’ve got in order to make my clients friends or coworkers know he’s a baller. He’s a player, the kind of guy who gets attention from a woman like me. I love to see my client swelling up with pride and confidence in a situation like that. I take real enjoyment from his happiness.”

It is that confidence that Stacy believes is the most attractive feature in a man. “Any man can be handsome,” she says. “Any man can work out in the gym until he’s got six-pack abs. And while it’s great to have a man with a sense of humor, there are lots of funny guys out there. To me, what’s truly awesome about a guy is when he has confidence. A man who is self-assured is very attractive in a lot of key ways. You see a guy like that and you think, ‘Here is a guy who will never let life throw him. Here is a guy who can cope with whatever life hands him.’ I think we all want to be with somebody who has that kind of mental and emotional strength. We recognize that a man with confidence is a leader, and a leader is the sort of person worth being with.”

Stacy thinks her own confidence and looks can be intimidating. “I think you would be surprised how few men actually approach a girl like me when I’m out at a bar alone,” she says. “A lot of guys just figure they aren’t in your league, so they don’t even try. But there are plenty of men I see I would consider saying yes to.”