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So why haven’t you booked with us yet? It’s a fact that the sooner you book with us, the sooner you can begin enjoying the best dating experience you have ever had. We will absolutely revolutionize how you approach dating, and for good reason. You will find that when you go out with your girls, the experience is far superior to anything you have felt or experienced when dating the traditional, conventional way. Let’s review some of the ways that booking our beautiful New York escorts is far superior to the old ways of finding a girl to be interested in you, taking that girl out on a date or dates, trying to impress her, attempting to build a relationship, and ultimately giving up on the whole thing when it doesn’t work out for any reason.

First, dating the traditional, conventional way is simply waste of your time and money. It’s a lengthy process to try and find women who might be interested in you. You’ve got to spend money to do it, and worse, you’ve got to invest time. That time and money invested frequently has absolutely no pay-off. You engage in the process hopeful that something will work out, but often, it doesn’t, and so you’ve ground your gears and spun your wheels and you’ve gone nowhere during the journey. No amount of trying can make up for the hours you waste, and while you can always earn more money, you can’t necessarily be certain that spending more of it on that same process will produce different results. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result, then throwing more money and time down the black hole of the traditional dating system is truly insane. It’s a process that is almost guaranteed to produce no result at all. Why would you do that to yourself?

Second, traditional dating is just too fraught with hassles and drama to be worth the time. So many of the non-professional women you meet have emotional problems, or family baggage, or social drama that they bring with them into every relationship. When you date them, you are signing up for that. You are signing up to bring more trouble into your life. A rational person does not volunteer for more trouble and more difficulty. Yet otherwise sane men, every day, volunteer themselves for more hassle and more trouble. They say, “Yes, I would like to engage in a terrible process that makes me feel unhappy a large part of the time, on the off chance that the person making me unhappy will somehow turn out to be my soul mate, or something.”

One of the worst parts about traditional dating is that it interferes greatly with the very thing that is supposed to make it possible. That is to say that it’s very hard to maintain the responsibilities of your job and your work when you have to also contend with scheduling your romantic life around it. A non-professional woman can cancel on you at any time, change plans because she feels like, tell you she’d rather not go out for that dinner you’ve been planning for a week because she suddenly doesn’t feel good. That’s no way to try and hold down a job, with your schedule constantly changing and being messed with by a woman’s whims.

When you book a New York escort, by contrast, none of these problems come into play. The process of booking and spending time with one of our lovely ladies frees you from all of these hassles. Your escort will see to it that you have a good time, yes, but most importantly, she will make sure that good time happens on your time, within your schedule, without hassle or drama. You will find that dating a New York escort is much more cost effective than traditional dating, because while you have to pay for the date and to book the time, that’s all you have to pay for. All the extra expenses of the lead-up to the date, and all the other nonsense you’re expected to deal with when you enter into a conventional relationship, simply doesn’t exist.

When you book a New York escort, your date will occur promptly at the time of your choosing. It will last no longer than you schedule it to last, but if you want it go longer, it can. Your escort is there to please you and accommodate you, not to make trouble for you. She will never criticize you. She will never bring outside drama and baggage to your date. If she has any personal problems or issues, she will keep these to herself, and she absolutely will never expect you to solve her problems for her. She will treat you with respect at all times and, most importantly, she will put your needs first. This alone is enough to launch our New York escort experience to heights far above traditional dating. Most men have never experienced a date in which their needs were first and all other considerations were secondary. Once you experience it, you will have a hard time believing it. Once you come to believe it, you will never want to have it any other way. And once you reach that point, we will have spoiled you for all other traditional, conventional dating. You will never want to go back to how things were.

Stop wasting time and book your New York escort experience now. Every minute you waste is a minute you can’t get back. Every hour that ticks by will become a day. Each day will become week. Each week will become a year… and finally, it will be too late. Don’t defer your dreams. Don’t deny yourself your fantasies. Book a New York escort now and start living the romantic life you were always meant to life. Book a New York escort now and finally see what you have been missing.



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Let us ask you an important question: When was the last time you actually enjoyed yourself when you were out on a date? The fact is, most men don’t enjoy themselves when they are out with their ladies. They should. It’s supposed to be fun when you are out with a woman. That’s the whole purpose of dating, or at least it is supposed to be. But the fact is, everything about dating is actually designed to put the man at a disadvantage. You are expected to pay for everything. You are expected to pick up your lady and bring her back. You are expected to plan out the date as if you are some kind of entertainment director. You are expected to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong and, if it does, you are expected to correct that condition. In short, you are out on a date and supposed to be having fun with your non-professional, “amateur” woman… and for you, that date is nothing but stress! Can’t get dinner reservations? That must be your fault. Don’t know which movie to see? That’s your fault too. Want to see a show? You had better be paying for expensive tickets, buddy.

In every conceivable way, you are at a disadvantage and expected to just deal with it. You are on the hook, so to speak, for the success or failure of the date. You are expected to do everything in your power to make the date go well, and if you don’t, you are a loser and she’s going to go online and tell he friends on social media that her date with you wasn’t good. The only thing that amateur women enjoy more than rejecting and demeaning and belittling men is being able to do it in front of their friends. This is why they enjoy making sport of shooting down men who approach them in bars, even though being approached should be flattering. The fact is, women are venal creatures who treat men poorly based on how attractive and wealthy they seem. When an attractive man, or a man who obviously has money, approaches a woman, she will react in one way. When an ugly man, or a man of modest means, approaches her, she will act offended, even outraged. This is the venal, materialistic nature of women at work. And it is why they expect you to fix anything that goes wrong. They put all the stress, all the anxiety, all of the problems of a date, on you.

What if there was a better way to date? What if you could go out on a date and have none of that stress. Imagine what it would be like to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman and actually be able to sit back and enjoy it. Wouldn’t you jump at the chance? If dating became more about fun and less about stress, wouldn’t you do it? And if you could enjoy this stress free environment while also doing it in the company of one of the most beautiful women you had ever seen, wouldn’t that just be icing on the cake? Well, now you can have your cake and eat it too. The solution to dating in the modern world is to give up dating entirely and choose, instead, to book the time of a lovely New York escort. New York escorts are professional entertainers who are willing to exchange their time for your booking fee. When you book the time of a lovely New York escort, you are getting the services of a professional entertainer. In other words, when you go out with one of our professional entertainers, she knows that she is the one responsible for how things go, not you. What’s more, she will focus on you completely, giving you her undivided attention. Have you ever had that? Even on dates that were going reasonable well, did you ever feel like you commanded your date’s full attention? Or was she easily distracted by just about anything around her? Was she looking at her phone? was she considering prospects that she considered better than you? This is normal when dating amateur women. They have no loyalty and they are always looking for a better deal. They have the attention spans and the sense of entitlement that children do. Easily distracted, they will wander off at the drop of a hat.

This is not so of our New York escorts. Our New York escorts know how to treat you with respect. They will put your needs first. When was the last time you felt like your needs mattered and would be attended to? Most men go their whole lives putting everybody else first. Certainly the women in their lives come first, and they constantly sacrifice in what is often the vain hope of pleasing their women. Well, are you tired of dancing to that tune? Are you tired of constantly trying to make women happy, only to fail? Are you tired of the “what have you done for me lately” attitude of ingratitude? If you would like to leave all that behind and finally start living your life as you were meant to live it, including commanding your romantic life on your terms and on your timetable, then the time to book a New York escort is now. Don’t settle for less. Don’t settle for amateur, unprofessional women, who do nothing but give you attitude while punishing and withholding from you the things you want most. All men desire the company of beautiful women, but few men get to experience what it is like to be with a woman who is attractive, pleasant, cooperative, friendly, and fun. You can finally have that when you book a New York escort. New York escorts are the better way. Contact us today and let us show you why and how we are better.